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Welcome to Ross Jive And Ross Swing Dance website.

We teach Jive and Lindy Hop classes and organise regular dances and events in the
Ross on Wye, Forest of Dean and Worcester area.

You will find our classes fun and easy to learn(a sense of humour is essential). You don't a need a partner to come along as we rotate the class and you get the chance to dance with everyone - the social side is half the fun!!



*Jive @ Bishopswood Village Hall Sundays - New beginners term from 7th January
Beginners @ 7pm Intermediate @ 8 30pm
*Lindy Hop @ Nunnery Wood Sports Centre,Worcester Sundays - New beginners term from 7th January
Beginner's @ 6pm, Improver 7pm, Intermediate @ 8.15pm
(Please wear non marking soled shoes)
*Lindy Hop @ Bishopswood Village Hall Mondays - New term from 8th January
Doors open 7pm, Improver @ 7 15pm, Intermediate @ 8.30pm
*Lindy Hop Beginners @ Larruperz Centre Ross On Wye Wednesday for details click here

Lindy Hop

This Swing dance has its roots back in the 20's and most other Swing/Jive forms are derivatives from this original Jive dance.Its a fabulous dance and with its revival in the UK and around the rest of the world its the dance that everyone wants to learn.We currently run two different levels of classes, beginner/improver and intermediate and cost £5.

In the Wednesday beginners/improver class you will be learning the core moves (Lindy turn, circle, swing out, Charleston and others)
showing you how to link them together to build up your repertoire.
Intermediates we assume have a good understanding of the basics including lead and follow and are looking for a
bit more of a challenge with more complicated moves to add to the basics
Click on this link for an example of Lindy Hop
Izzy & Ger

What is Modern Jive

One of the many derivatives from the original Swing Jive (Lindy hop) the footwork is fairly simple, so even with two left feet you should have no problem, danced to a variety of music and so appeals to all tastes.
We currently run two levels of classes, beginners/improver and intermediate and cost £5.
In the beginners/improver's class you will be learning the core moves showing you how to link them together,
and so building your repertoire each week.
The Intermediates class we still carry on introducing new moves or variations on the old ones, as well as including moves you learned from the very beginning.
Click this link for example video

Click for directions
Bishopswood Village Hall
Nunnery Wood Sports Centre Worcester

For more information about our classes and dances, please see “About Us” and “Events”.


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